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Guillermo A. Ameer

Guillermo A. Ameer

Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Surgery

2145 Sheridan Road

Tech B382

Evanston, IL 60208-3107

g-ameer( at )


D.Sc. Chemical Engineering
MIT, Cambridge, MA

B.S Chemical Engineering (Hons)
University of Texas, Austin, TX

Research Interests

Bio-artificial organ systems; cell delivery and transplantation; tissue engineering

Courses Taught

  • BME344 (Biological Performance of Materials): "Structure-property relationships of materials, physical chemistry of surfaces and interfaces, materials-tissue interactions, applications to the selection and design of materials for medical implants and devices"
  • BME346 (Tissue Engineering): " In vivo molecular, cellular, and organ engineering, with an emphasis on the foundations, techniques, experiments, and clinical applications of tissue engineering"

Significant Recognition

  • Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering
  • Northwestern University Drew Senyei, MD Translational Research Award, 2006
  • American Heart Association Established Investigator Award, 2006
  • National Science Foundation CAREER Award: Biodegradable elastomeric composite scaffolds for ligament reconstruction, 2006
  • Illinois Institute of Regenerative Medicine: Stem cell-based vascular tissue engineering Award, 2006
  • Wallace H. Coulter Early Career Translational Research Award, 2005

Selected Publications

  • Kibbe, Melina R.; Ameer, Guillermo A.; Yang, Jian; van Lith, Robert; Gregory, Elaine K., “Engineering biodegradable polyester elastomers with antioxidant properties to attenuate oxidative stress in tissues”, Biomaterials, (2014)
  • Szleifer, I.; Baler, K.; Martin, O.A.; Carignano, M.A.; Ameer, G.A., “Electrostatic unfolding and interactions of albumin driven by pH changes: A molecular dynamics study”, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, (2014)
  • Hoshi, Ryan A.; Van Lith, Robert; Jen, Michele C.; Allen, Josephine B.; Lapidos, Karen A., “The blood and vascular cell compatibility of heparin-modified ePTFE vascular grafts”, Biomaterials, (2013)
  • Sharma, Arun K.; Bury, Matthew I.; Fuller, Natalie J.; Marks, Andrew J.; Kollhoff, David M., “Cotransplantation with specific populations of spina bifida bone marrow stem/progenitor cells enhances urinary bladder regeneration”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, (2013)
  • M. C. Jen, M. C. Serrano, R. van Lith and G. A. Ameer, “Polymer-Based Nitric Oxide Therapies: Recent Insights for Biomedical Applications”, Advanced Functional Materials, (2012)
  • A. K. Sharma, M. I. Bury, N. J. Fuller, D. I. Rozkiewicz, P. V. Hota, D. M. Kollhoff, M. J. Webber, N. Tapaskar, J. W. Meisner, P. J. Lariviere, S. DeStefano, D. Wang, G. A. Ameer and E. Y. Cheng, “Growth factor release from a chemically modified elastomeric poly(1,8-octanediol-co-citrate) thin film promotes angiogenesis in vivo”, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part a, (2012)
  • Lapidos, K. A.; Ameer, G. A.; Sprague, S. M., “Impact of serum source and inflammatory cytokines on the isolation of endothelial colony-forming cells from peripheral blood”, Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, (2012)
  • E. J. Chung, M. Sugimoto, J. L. Koh and G. A. Ameer, “Low-pressure foaming: a novel method for the fabrication of porous scaffolds for tissue engineering”, Tissue engineering. Part C, Methods, (2012)
  • G Ameer, J Yang, A Webb, “Novel biodegradable elastomeric scaffold for tissue engineering and light scattering fingerprinting methods for testing the same”, US Patent App. 12/370,312, (2009)
  • GA Ameer, Y Zhang, “Method for Removal or Inactivation of Heparin”, US Patent App. 12/505,985, (2009)


  • Transdermal Thermal Polymerization (U.S. patent #7,097,855 issued 08-2006) G.A. Ameer, E.T. Crumpler, and R. Langer
  • Multidimensional Elastic Light Scattering (Application #11/261,452) V. Backman, H. Roy, R. Wali, Y. Kim , Y. Liu, J. Yang , J. Allen, A. Webb, and G.A. Ameer.
  • Apparatus for Treating Whole Blood (U.S. Patent #6099730 issued 08-2000) G. A. Ameer , R. Langer, M. Rupnik, H. Ploegh, and E. Grovender.
  • Cell Delivery Using Controllable Degradable Mesh-Gel Constructs (U.S. Patent #6699470 issued 03-2004) G. A. Ameer and R. Langer.
  • Biodegradable Polymer (Application # 601340432, US and International, pending) Y. Wang, G. A. Ameer, and R. Langer
  • Biodegradable Elastomers for Tissue Engineering (Pending) J. Yang, A. Webb, and G.A. Ameer.
  • Functionalizing Medical Implants: A Tissue Engineering Approach (Pending) J. Yang and G.A. Ameer.
  • A Novel(diol-co-citrate) Hydroxyapatite Composite for Clinical Fixation Devices (Pending) ,J. Yang, H. Qiu, and G.A. Ameer.
  • Receptor-Based Blood Detoxification System (Pending) C. Daniels, S. Sprague, and G.A. Ameer.


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