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John B. Troy

John B. Troy

Chair of Biomedical Engineering

Professor of Biomedical Engineering

2145 Sheridan Road

Tech E326

Evanston, IL 60208-3107

j-troy( at )


Ph.D. Experimental Psychology, University of Sussex, East Sussex, England, UK

B.Sc. Biology with Physics, University of London King's College, London, England

Fellow, AIMBE

Research Interests

Processing and analysis of images by the mammalian visual system; functional circuitry of the retina; signal theory applied to visual physiology; light adaptation; neural coding; visual prostheses; electrode technology for neural recording and stimulation

Selected Publications

    1. Troy, J.B. and Cantrell, D.R. (2010)  Considerations in designing optimal stimulating electrodes for retinal prostheses.  Nova Acta Leopoldina NF 111, No. 379, 197-204.
    2. Inayat, S., Zhao, Y., Cantrell, D.R., Dikin, D.A., Pinto, L.H. and Troy, J.B. (2010)  A novel way to go whole-cell in patch-clamp experiments.  IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 57 2764-2770.
    3. Zhao, Y., Inayat, S., Dikin, D.A., Ruoff, R.S. and Troy, J.B. (2010)  Impedance characterization and modeling of an improved patch clamp device.  Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part N:  Journal of Nanoengineering and Nanosystems 223 121-131.
    4. Cantrell, D.R., Cang, J., Troy, J.B. and Liu, X. (2010)  Non-centered spike-triggered covariance analysis reveal neurotrophin-3 as a developmental regulator of receptive field properties of ON-OFF retinal ganglion cells.  PLoS Computational Biology 6 e1000967.
    5. Passaglia, C.L., Freeman, D.K. and Troy, J.B. (2009)  Effects of remote stimulation on the modulated activity of cat retinal ganglion cells.  Journal of Neuroscience 29 2467-2476.
    6. Cantrell, D.R., Inayat, S., Taflove, A., Ruoff, R.S. and Troy, J.B. (2008)  Incorporation of the electrode-electrolyte interface into finite element models of metal microelectrodes.   Journal of Neural Engineering 5 54-67 (cover picture).
    7. Maddox, D.M., Vessey, K.A., Yarbrough, G.L., Invergo, B.M., Cantrell, R.D., Inayat, S., Troy, J.B., Balannik, V., Hicks, W.L., Hawes, N.L., Byers, S., Smith, R.S., Hurd, R., Howell, D., Gregg, R.G., Chang, B., Naggert, J.K., Pinto, L.H., Nishina, P.M. and McCall, M.A. (2008)  Allelic variance between metabotropic glutamate receptor 6 mutants, Grmnob3 and Grmnob4 results in differences in retinal ganglion cell visual responses.  Journal of Physiology 586.18 4409-4424.
    8. Crook, J.D., Peterson, B.B., Packer, O,S., Robinson, F.R., Troy, J.B. and Dacey, D.M. (2008) Y-cell receptive field and collicular projection of parasol ganglion cells in macaque monkey retina.  Journal of Neuroscience 28 11277-11291.
    9. Crook, J.D., Peterson, B.B., Packer, O.S., Robinson, F.R., Gamlin, P.D., Troy, J.B. and Dacey, D.M. (2008)  The smooth monostratified ganglion cell: evidence for spatial diversity in the Y-cell pathway to the LGN and superior colliculus in the macaque monkey.  Journal of Neuroscience 28 12654-12671.
    10. Zhao, Y., Inayat, S., Dikin, D.A., Singer, J.H., Ruoff, R.S. and Troy, J.B. (2008)  Patch Clamp Technique:  Review of the Current State of the Art and Potential Contributions from Nanoengineering.  Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part N:  Journal of Nanoengineering and Nanosystems 222 1-11 (editor’s pick).

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