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An overview of the Biomedical Engineering program at McCormick.

What we do

Biomedical engineers at Northwestern are trained to apply engineering techniques to the analysis of biological systems, providing full integration of biology and engineering.

As part of the BME program, students receive thorough pre-professional training. This prepares them for not only medical and dental schools but also jobs in biomedical industries and hospitals.

The biomedical engineering industry offers the possibility of developing, testing and marketing products ranging from medical lasers and pacemakers to pharmaceuticals and beyond.

Undergraduate Curriculum

Northwestern University currently offers two different BME curricula for undergraduate students:

General Curriculum

The goal of our undergraduate program is to provide an education that prepares students to lead, innovate, and self-educate throughout their careers in bioengineering and biomedical professions and industries.

Read more details about course requirements and the undergraduate BME curriculum.

HPME Curriculum

The HPME curriculum at Northwestern is designed to put students on the fast track to medical school.

This curriculum requires students to meet more rigorous requirements. It is for high school students who have done advanced work in high school.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Undergraduate students in the BME department at Northwestern can find research opportunities in areas including:

  • neural engineering and rehabilitation
  • cardiopulmonary and vascular engineering
  • materials, cells, and tissues
  • imaging and biophotonics

Combined BS / MS Program

Northwestern's combined BS / MS program in Biomedical Engineering allows top undergraduate students to obtain a Master's degree and to conduct cutting edge research. This program is only offered to students obtaining their BS in engineering from Northwestern.

Undergraduate Admissions Information

To apply to the undergraduate biomedical engineering program at Northwestern, please visit the Northwestern University Office of Undergraduate Admissions for an online application form and for information about campus life and university statistics.


Apply for undergraduate study at McCormick through Northwestern's Office of Undergraduate Admission.


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